Lakehead Masters

The Lakehead Masters Running Club operates as an independent club with a coach, executive and constitution. The Club’s goal is to create a group which encourages personal excellence in running by providing athletes access to certified coaching and high level training in a supportive, inclusive and cooperative environment. The Masters program is designed for runners who are interested in improving their running by having a structured workout schedule within a training group. The primary focus of this program is preparation for distances ranging from one mile up to the marathon. The Club is open to anyone 18 years of age and older and welcomes those who belong to other running groups. There are about 40 members (almost 50/50 women/men) who meet three times a week.


Membership includes:

  • Access to the Lakehead University indoor track Monday/Thursday 4:30-6:30 pm and Saturday 8 am -12 noon November 4 to April 30;

  • Group training year round (Indoor track in the winter and outdoor locations spring, summer and fall);

  • Monthly workout schedules and coaching;

  • Lakehead Masters clothing (singlet or t-shirt).


Benefits are:

  • Training with others regardless of age, speed or experience;

  • Develop your confidence to run or race any distance;

  • Learn valuable training routines, proper running form, stretching techniques and develop core strength;

  • Participate in a year round training program;

  • Join in on Saturday morning long runs of various distances and speeds;

  • Two indoor track sessions per week during the winter;

  • Sessions designed and lead by John Garland (certified by National Coaching Certification Program).

Executive Committee Members:

  • John Garland (Coach)

  • Frank Wilson (Coach)

  • Antonio Stefanile (Club President)

  • Jim Keyes

  • Claudia Tropea

  • Craig Kashak

  • Alex North

  • Antonio (Tony) Pucci

Lakehead Masters Running Club