All club operations during the winter months have temporarily been suspended due to COVID-19 Restrictions.

Welcome to the Lakehead Masters Running Club website!

We are a dedicated running club which encourages personal excellence in running by providing athletes access to certified coaching and high level training in a supportive, inclusive and cooperative environment.  Our program is designed for runners who are interested in improving their running by having a structured workout schedule within a training group. The primary focus of this program is preparation for distances ranging from one mile up to the marathon. The Club is open to anyone 18 years of age and older and welcomes those who belong to other running groups. There are about 50 members (almost 50/50 women/men) who meet three times a week.

Our Coaches:

Lakehead Masters Running Club Thunder Bay Running

Coach John Garland


Coach Frank Wilson

Check out Doug Scott's Day 81 video of 100 Day Challenge:

Lakehead Masters Running Club compete at the Thunderwolves Indoor Marathon


























“I would never be able to push myself as hard as I do without the support of my running partners at Lakehead Masters Running Club.  If it were up to me sometimes I might take the easy way out, but when you know your friends and training partners are there looking for your support, it makes you want to show up and try harder.  The club has also been a source of many long lasting friendships and acquaintances to me over the years.  I would recommend coming to try it out.  The more the merrier!”

 - Doug Scott


"I became a member of the Master’s Group a few years ago which was about the time when they started having workouts on Monday’s.  Up until then, I could not participate because of working every other day.  I still cannot participate in the Thursday workout because of my hours at work but enjoy getting out on as many Monday’s as I can.  Even to participate in one workout a week is helpful.  I enjoy the workouts and running with other members of the group.  This is very helpful and inspiring.  I feel the Master’s Group (under the coaching of John Garland and Jack Kushnier) is very challenging but is good.  I like getting the workout schedule every month and this is a great asset to my training.  I was able to form many friendships with many other members over the past years.  I also think the Master’s Group is for all runners no matter the ability of the runner.  The camaraderie among the members is great.  I hope to keep running for years and be a member of the Master’s Group."

-Josef Ehrler


"This sport has an incredible ability to bring people together from all walks of life, and I feel lucky to be able to take part in the tough workouts with such a great group of supportive people.  Although at times the coaches' diabolical training plans trigger love-hate feelings, I truly appreciate their support and leadership and can honestly say that there are no other people that I'd rather experience those highs and lows with."

- Antonio Stefanile

"My favourite part of masters is the social aspect of our group.  I’ve made friendships that transcend athletic ability, age, and social situations.

Love this article that supports my experience:"


- Rosie North

"The club is very warm and welcoming.  The fun and supportive atmosphere really help motivate you to give it your best effort."

- Anonymous


Lakehead Masters Running Club